Making Camo Cool!!!

Application Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of a bulldog arms camouflage stencil. These stencils are cut from a high quality vinyl paint masking film used by professional sign painters. It is a highly stable vinyl film that can be baked at lower temperatures for preheating of items prior to finishing. All stencil shapes are cut out in both male and female templates for your convenience. If you have any questions please contact us at If you are unsure if the stencils will stick to your item or if they will peel the finish being applied we recommend trying a small sample piece first.

Prepare surface and apply base color per the manufactures recommendations. Making sure that all dirt and oil are removed to ensure the stencils will adhere to the surface.

After allowing the base coat the appropriate amount of time to cure (per Manufacturer) Remove the desired shapes from the stencil sheet using a No. 11 blade hobby knife or other sharp tool to get them started.

Apply the stencils to the item being finished, taking care to start at one end of the stencil and slowly rubbing the edges as you lay it down to get a good seal and remove any air pockets.

Apply the second color of the desired finish according to the manufactures recommendations. Repeat steps 3 through four until all of the colors have been applied. Then allow the finish to dry according to the manufactures recommendations.

Remove the stencils slowly. It usually works best to start at one corner and pull in a diagonal direction.

If you have a pattern that has accent colors that are applied using the female templates they are now applied using the same technique.

Using a high quality masking tape, mask the edges of the stencil. I prefer 3M blue painters tape.

Apply the accent color and allow the proper amount oftime for the finish to cure before removing the stencils.

Slowly remove the masking tape and templates. Your item is now finished. You may want to apply a clear coat to give your item a more uniform appearance.

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